Don't just be heard, move people

Your audience, whoever it is and wherever it is to be found, wants you to grab them...


Of course, we know we should. We know that our messaging should be engaging. Creating vital movement through all our touch points, because that’s how we really reach people.

But are we truly certain that they are? Most importantly, do we know how we can not only make a difference, but make that difference measureable?

Make a difference


First of all, it is important to rember that your customers, your users, your audience, all want you to succeed.

They want you to succeed because if you do, they do. Your great idea could be the thing that inspires them, engages them, and moves them to greatness themselves.

Don’t just be heard, don’t just be listened to, touch people…

Let’s move people

The Bearded Wit as a concept has grown out of a journey. 

It’s the latest step in an expedition that is limited only by the parameters of birth and death (and maybe chocolate).

Oh, and quite probably good beer.

But we digress…

The Bearded Wit is this…

Over 20 years of exceptional international experience, in print media, in broadcast media, in digital media, in live event management, in event facilitation, in public speaking, and in copywriting, means that The Bearded Wit is great at getting messages understood and most importantly, acted upon.

This experience has been with organisations as excellent as they are diverse;

BBC Television & Radio, Channel 4 Television, Endemol Shine Productions, The Financial Times, The Press Association, Pearson Group, and most recently, The LEGO Group and eMailPlatform.

And as a result these are just a few of the things we’ve become really good at doing at
The Bearded Wit.


A good idea often needs help to make it come alive, whether in person, online, or in live events.

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To be “present” you sometimes need to hand over the reins to a well-informed third party.

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Be it strategic, tactical or conceptual development, an idea is only as good as the processes behind it. 

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And just as with development, your concept is nothing without effective and efficient implementation.

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Good project management skills can be as rare as rocking horse manure, but considerably more valuable.

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And many projects combined, need a tight and committed programme manager.

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Because the world is as diverse it is, above all, our messaging needs to be locally appropriate and sensitive to make its mark.

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TV, Radio, Live Event, Digital Media. Because you you need to meet your audience where they are.

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The Bearded Wit can voice your message in precisely the right way, ensuring your audience responds even more appropriately.

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And they’re all available to you

Because no two clients, no two projects and no two audiences are exactly alike, you will certainly benefit from being able to draw upon the skillsets that work the best for you. Getting in touch with The Bearded Wit could not be easier. Indeed, it’s as easy as…