Just like communication, only better…BeardedWitLogo_003a

The Bearded Wit as a concept has grown out of a journey.

It’s the latest step of an expedition that is defined only by the parameters of birth and death (and maybe chocolate).

Oh, and possibly good beer.matthew_ogden_2

But I digress.

The Bearded Wit is this:

It is over 20 years of unrivalled experience, in print media, in broadcast media, in interactive media, in live event management.

This experience has been with organisations as excellent as they are diverse;

BBC Television and Radio, Channel 4 Television, Endemol ProductionsThe Financial Times, The Press Association, Pearson Group and more recently the LEGO Group.

This experience stretches across all channels, from traditional to social media.

This experience encompasses skills as diverse as;

  • Concept development and implementation
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Tactical planning and delivery
  • Programme & Project development
  • Programme & Project management
  • Programme localisation and globalisation
  • TV & Radio Programme Production
  • Voice Over work
  • Presentation

This experience has literally impa20150711_100012838_iOScted on the world.

No, seriously, it has.

And this experience can also be yours.


Matthew_Toads_Pub_SepiaThe Bearded Wit is also pretty handy at tickling the old ivories and performs regularly with Licking Toads (the name is a long story, buy The Bearded Wit a beer and he’ll sit down and explain).

Licking Toads Full Band (Inside) 002

But, the Toads are really rather good, you could do a lot worse than go and see them play some time. Honestly.